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Workplace workshops

Boost employee health and productivity with Breathwork

Business wellness programmes for your company

breathe with jojo workshop in session

Business wellness programmes
for your company

I offer innovative science-based business programmes aimed at enhancing the health and efficiency of employees


My practices are grounded in scientific data and research, ensuring a comprehensive approach to employee well-being

Enhance employee well-being and efficiency through the practice of Breathwork

Balance your team

My breathwork programmes are tailored to each individual. Every member of your team can benefit regardless of their starting point


Optimise restorative sleep and build mental resilience with simple breathing techniques


Gain the focus and stability needed to excel in work and life


Boost energy levels and combat fatigue through breath control exercises

Breathwork new forest lymington

What workshops can do for your company

focus concentration at work

Improve focus and concentration

Focus and concentration are key to success,

yet rarely taught

Physiological factors like oxygen intake and stress

can actually dampen cognitive performance

Regulate stress for clear thinking and

concentration throughout the workday

Use breath as an anchor to train attention

and boost focus

Regulate your nervous system

Incorporate breathwork into your day to tap into peak performance


Regulate your nervous system with breathing resets to stay at your best


Use techniques to avoid jet lag, regulate mood and unwind before events and negotiations

breathwork hampshire

Boost employee productivity

employee wellness meeting

Improve business outcomes

My programmes help employees increase energy, endurance and performance, leading to enhanced productivity and improved business outcomes

In addition to this, by addressing sleep issues, I help employees achieve better sleep, leading to improved concentration, cognitive function, and decision-making abilities

Reduce workplace stress

I teach effective techniques to manage stress and anxiety, promoting a happier, healthier and more engaged workforce

Breathwork new forest lymington
Image by Gregory Pappas

Improve sleep quality

By addressing sleep issues, help your employees achieve better sleep, leading to improved concentration, cognitive function and decision making abilities

 Workshop reviews

Thank you so much for the inspiring Breathwork Workshop you delivered for our Mental Health Awareness Day. The team thoroughly enjoyed it and I know they will implement breathwork into their working days going forward. It is amazing to learn how our breath controls so much of our central nervous system and that we can completely change our psychological experience of the world once we are in possession of these invaluable breathing tools...


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